Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Mumbai Girl - A Story Untold

Around two years down the line I had many questions in my mind regarding chatting, especially the chat rooms which people say are meant for making new friends. Crap. Everyone knows (talking of teenagers here) that it is used for dating and furthermore for mating. THE END.
Now when it comes to chatting with friends was a difficult task for me. I could not sit and chat uselessly.
I have many friends who use these chat rooms to make GFs or have some sexy chats. I never had time for these stuffs. :P

But last summer while I was doing my internship at Turkey, I got much free time and even I used to stay in my office after my scheduled time too. One day just I was blank with what to do and I entered a yahoo chat room. Obviously with no intentions of talking to guys I was pinging only the ones who’s ID indicated that they would be female. For 4-5 days I tried regularly but I could not get a girl to talk to. I wondered how my friends get girls over these chat rooms, some of them even succeeded getting the girls naked on cam (which was their sole aim) :P. The key factor was the way we sell ourselves to girls in chat rooms. I cannot be that cheesy in my talks. Everything goes too straight forward for me. I gave up. But again some days later I gave a try and it was last week of June then, that day just in my 2nd or 3rd hit I got a reply. The girl was from Mumbai. She asked my age..I told 21, she stopped talking to me saying “I am too old for you”. She was in 30’s. But how does age makes a difference to chat with someone, I asked her. To me things were as simple as that. Well I just asked about her, she replied now. She was a doctor at Mumbai. Had a love marriage, husband mostly out of India for official works, has a daughter studying in 12th or 11th (forgot). I told her about me.
Days passed and not every day but whenever I came on Yahoo we pinged each other, she used to tell me about her love life and all, ask about my plans, what I was doing at Turkey and stuff. I enjoyed talking to her. She had a sense of maturity in her words which attracted me (I love talking to sincere n matured people). A week prior to my departure from Turkey I asked her to meet me at Mumbai (my flight was landing at mumbai). She was even ready to pick me up from airport. We made plans of going to beaches n hanging out. She gave me her number. I was excited to meet her. Such kind of chat friend n all I never liked, but my case was different I guess.

So 30th July 2010 it was. I landed, I lied to some of my school and college friends that my flight would be landing at evening so I would meet them at 30th night :P, just because I was feeling awkward telling them about my new Senior Citizen friend ;)

Well so I met her..... She came to pick me up by her car near to my hotel. A gentle, matured, smiling face woman. She took me to KFC at Andheri, she kept on asking about my future plans and my college activities. I remember she said “Shanky you are more mature than kids of your age should be”. She really made me very very comfortable. I did not feel the age difference at all, she knew it very well how to manage. She was listening to me as a college friend, simplicity on her face. Before meeting her I was thinking "Am I doing anything wrong meeting a chat friend?"..because if I place any of my friends at my place and rethink..I would consider it a stupidity to meet such a person, especially if my friend was a girl. But I had an idea of which type of a girl/woman I am going to meet and more over I or we dint have any physical intention behind meeting (hopefully ;)). And just in some time after meeting her, I was proud of my decision and once again my intuitions were correct. I almost asked her nothing, I was noticing her and she was superb.
She loves reading novels, we then went to Cross Word but did not buy anything. Now we kept on roaming and she took me to Lifestyle, she asked me to choose some shirts, I chose two and she gifted them to me. I asked her not to but she said “Shanky take it and I would tell you why am I gifting it to you”. I accepted.

It was time to leave. She said “Shanky you know, I did love marriage and after that I am bit cut-off from my family, I always wished to gift someone and make him/her happy but never got a chance, I am really happy to gift you something today.” She was almost sentimental by this time. Listening to it even I was happy to make her happy. Just a moment later we bid good bye to each other leaving an everlasting impression and few sweet memories in our hearts.

Its almost an year now but we regularly send SMS to each other, care for each other. What I noticed in her is the way she understands me being a teenager, she knows the way I think, she predicts my mood very well, she gives me advices, she showers love and warmth, she has an amazing understanding. Once out of excitement she offered me to be her Son-in-Law (hehee). I feel blessed to have such a person in my life. She is a perfect wife, perfect mother, a sincere doctor, a caring friend, got everything to be a perfect girlfriend. With her I live a different life and perhaps she knows a different "Shankaransh" which is hidden from this world, she knows the actual "ME". I really wish I could meet her at least once in a month. She soothes my mind like anything. And by the way friends her name is Dr. Smriti.

Thank you God...Thank you Smriti (yeah I call her by her name).


trekntrolla said...

you'll make a lot of friends in your life with your kind of nature and talk. Just try managing them equally in terms..
Cheers :)

trish said...

well I have some questions on my mind-why did you chose to disclose dis entire thing now? What is the difference between a usual friend and a chat friend? Is the chat friend better over the rest?
Do you really never had time for these stuff earlier?
Nicely written.I always knew you had a thing for older women and I think she should read your post if she feels the same.

trish said...

btw don't you think you shouldn't be so involved wid a married woman? Because it would be easier for you to move away from this someday but dat one day she'll be left all alone and her emotional state won't be that good for sure.Think about it.

Manas said...

well written bro, a gutsy attempt i would say. Because in a life time almost every body encounters an unusual friend which in the beginning one is confused about its right/normal/ok but rarely confesses. i too had not one but three when i was in class 10th one was a girl studying in class two(but tell u she had a maturity of class 9th girl at that time)one was my my chemistry tution teacher post 30, after his tution we used to go to swimming pool together and there our role used to be reversed and a lady(also around thirty) came to the colony newly married became my close friend. like you i also discussed all sort of stuffs and had the same notion that they know the real me hidden from the world thanks 4 bringing back some unusual but warm n good memories

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Anonymous said...

Complex Post. This post helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey shanky its very unusual way some people come to your life and becomes a special part of it...

SHANKY said...

Thanks dear...can i know whos dis??

Sylvestre said...

Shanky Bhaiya aap tho chuppe rustam nikle.. ha ha ..:)