Sunday, August 28, 2011

Damn why don't you Understand

I don't know why I am writing down this post, just that I wanted to write one so I am here. It has been a pretty confused time running as of now, I have landed at Michigan, USA for pursuing my Masters. The place is good, people are awesome, but I need to adjust a lot because my under-graduation was way different, may it be the system, my friends or the life. Well without really expressing much..this is all I want to say :

I am not What I am, 
Yeah, what you think is not me, 
Its not me whom you force, 
Don't squeeze my brain, it pains,
Damn why don't you Understand !! 

A path I chose and I am on my way,
The road is smooth, don't push me hey,
Its a long way I have carried my goal,
I don't want to slip,
Damn why don't you Understand !! 

I know I know I should learn,
The way you do is just awesome,
A change is good but I fear,
What you teach is not I want,
Damn why don't you Understand !!

I am not stressed but look at me,
Same nightmare every night I see,
They die they die...yes my family,
Fuck it please I need some peace,
Damn why don't you Understand !!

I have no work, I am so free,
Once they called me a busy bee,
I will party, I will enjoy,
But now I need some work,
Damn why don't you Understand !!

I am so confused for the decision I took,
I want to jump and have a look,
Don't hold me down, don't pull me back,
I want to see whats there ahead,
Damn why don't you Understand !!

Patience and time are running apart,
If I hold them it shakes my heart,
Its a fight I have to win,
Its going to be good at the end of the day,
Damn someone make me Understand !! 

After reading it I know many of you might interpret that I am not happy, but its not the case at all, I am JUST SO VERY CONFUSED these days with a lot of factors influencing them...but as I said "Its a fight I have to win, Its going to be good at the end of the day,"

 Take care readers.
 Love you all !!


pankhuri said...

the way you have summarised all the random thoughts as one is impressive :)

SHANKY said...

Thanks Sweetheart :)

Keep reading!!

Anonymous said...

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SHANKY said...

Thank you for the suggestion Jay.