Saturday, May 14, 2011

Radhey Radhey Nights to Marijuana Wings-flying abyss!!

Before I start this phase of writing I would like to say one thing to my friends- Doing only good things doesn’t make your life good or you a good person.
Everyone says that final year is just to chill and enjoy. Last 3 years of my college life I had utilized learning by doing. I was done with GRE,TOEFL, applications, Job (a forced attempts by my parents and friends). I wanted to enjoy joblessly now.
29th January,2011, I called up all my friends to my room for my JSPL treat. There were some 25 smokers that day. Some 5-6 times before the party started Upa asked me “Shanky how many people are coming?” That day we started at 10pm with 25 people in a single seater room..partying hard. After a while when everyone was HIGH...Manas and Hardik played a song on my lappy. The song was new to almost all of us. People were was playing...some people left...but song was playing..Naman made GRAVITY..still the song was playing. Some 15 minutes later I realized that my room is under Red lights..Laptop at the centre and everyone around it clapping in a very holy way.
The song was “Radhey Radhey” was a 44 minutes track, people were so involved in that song that they forget where they actually were and their(including mine) imaginations took them to god’s place. All thanks to Manas and Hardik who played this almighty song and made Room-322 Hall-4 a Holy Place.
We all were in our own depths....people kept departing and at last just 3 of us left- Me, Niru and Upa. The depth of talks we had that day won’t come ever again. That session of 29th and 30th Jan we named as GGP!!
Days passed partying harder and came 8th Feb when I got my Admit info from Michigan Tech. The AIM of my college life was done. I was totally relaxed. Day by day the direction of my thinking was changing...I was moving away from the materialistic things and I was enjoying it. To some people I was being unsocial and addicted.
I was never addicted I knew..I was confident on that. I don’t know when but there came a time when I started partying with Swarup Sutar and gradually there were only me and him smoking at his room.
Our thinking level matched nearly perfectly. We had previously worked together in “Boond”. One day we decided to make some songs with our present state of thinking....our thoughts took more depth every next day...we ended up writing some 7-8 songs and composed 2 of them finally. To these compositions we gave the name- “Marijuana Wings-flying abyss”. Now we are on our way to make it professional and open a company “Dream Processors Productions Pvt Ltd”...soon you will find us live in action!!
I spent some very memorable and learning moments with Nirupam, Khera, Upa, Bala, Kussy, Swarup, Bappa Da, Andij, Animesh, Eshan, Rudro, Debayan, Souptik, Sudipto, Rajan, Adhiep and loads fun moments with everyone I smoked with ;)

I met so many new faces partying this way, got to know how much people love me, confronted with different perspectives of different people, made a lot of friends- are all these things wrong? Now the thing is I did not waste my time doing nothing, smoking weed I could attain a different state of mind which I used constructively to drive my passion of making songs. People question- “Why do you smoke weed?” The answer is- “I want to do bad things in a constructive manner” and inspire people. I want to be Jack of All Trades, I want to be little bad to know the importance of good things. I have got so many lifetime memories with my friends partying with.

My fundamental says- First be the person you want to become then enjoy your life trying stuffs you should not. Well i think there shouldn’t be anything left in life to do for which you regret later. I have my own style of enjoying life and I AM PROUD OF IT because at this time I can prove my worth in the market. You do any damn thing but if your intensions and aim are defined then nothing is wrong. This was all about my happy and cheerful journey from “Radhey Radhey Nights to Marijuana Wings-flying abyss”.

I want to say sorry to some of my friends who were always so worried about this part of my life- Watti, Deepak, Priyanka, Deboleena, Madhyama, Supriya, Shreeja, Anchal. I would just me for what I have done to make you all proud but don’t hate me for the things I have done which have hurt you. For me nothing was wrong...I LOVE MY LIFE and MY FRIENDS ARE MY LIFE. God Bless!!


khera said...

bhai ekdum ulti wala likha hai....aur photos to usse bhi badhke hai....hamesha yaad aayenge ye pal
radhe radhe bhai

SHANKY said...

Radhey Radhey Khera bhai....dhua banke ye yaadien dil me bas gyi hain dost...

Anonymous said...

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Rajan Kumar said...

sahi hai bhai masti aa gae !