Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Well this blog post is something I always wanted to post...but dint..or couldn't or shouldn't...I don't know what.. :O

But here I am with some of my very personal public perceptions- I have been always bad at maintaining individuality..that I confess. I have always tried to see and judge people with my own angle. I remember when I was in class 10th, one night I was sitting and counting the number of "close" friends I had at that time and I stopped doing so when the count was approaching 100. Sometime near to that my dad said "Son your mark-sheets are degrading rapidly, please shorten your friend circle" and I ended with a quality 6 friends- Bhaskar, Avnish, Ashwini, Gaurav, Kumar Karan and Ankur. From then I was totally inspired by those six to lead a life out of league (though being in the crowd- yeah that's important) and constantly I am "trying" to stand up to their inspiration.

The last 7 years have confronted me with some people who are neither out of league nor among the crowd. This blog is about those few people. My attitude is..if you can answer "What is the aim of your life?" then you are worth a human, a human who can be my friend else I hardly bother. By AIM I don't mean what is the sole thing you want to do or become; I mean whats next you want to achieve or rigidly try for. There are people who are not so very clear with their "aim" but have some "purpose of life"- yeah and that is also cool.

I have some college and school friends who do not have any AIM..not even a Purpose of life. I can't understand how such people enjoy LIFE- a life without hurdles, a life where you have no reason to be happy for winning and no reason to be sad for loosing, a life which has no reason for what you are doing and no reason for what you are not doing, a life in which you do not commit any mistake, a life which has nothing to give to others..not even to your parents, a life from which you cannot learn anything, a life without a plan, a life which has no LIFE. Such people rise up, eat, roam, chat, gossip, sleep and the cycle continues. I really want to know what goes on in such people's mind...and I tell you whenever I think about it I get highly irritated.

Some examples I want to state-
* Kumar Karan (my school mate) used to make the worst guy in the class his best friend and now he is an IITian.
* Shushant Patta (a college friend) got year back but he is best at practical stuffs and in many technical fests he has proved himself against the so called toppers of the institute.
* Debayan Ganguly (another college mate) has got 10 or 11 supplies/backs still made it to TATA MOTORS as I.C. Engines was his only "academic" love.

Hats of to such fellows who have given a tight slap on those faces who have always criticized them for their failure but could never realize what are such people's AIM or simply the Purpose of LIFE.

Guys get up- have some AIM..have some purpose of life. Try to enjoy life with some reason. Try to achieve something in life....even loosing something in life would make a sense. If not for others..not even your parents..try to do it for Selfish..even that would be worth. Don't let LIFE go, don't let people call you "SomeTHING AIMLESS".....


Anonymous said...

hey bhaiya.....nice blog.."something aimless"...i really loved it.....

SHANKY said...

@anonymous- thnx buddy..can I knw ur name?

Anonymous said...

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