Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two nights at Habitat Center :)

On 18th and 19th January 2009 was scheduled our 1st International Conference on New Frontiers in Biofuels. 16th morning I and Niru had to leave for New Delhi. We had our train at 10am but FORTUNATELY it was just 11 hours late. We boarded Poorva Express at 9pm hoping it wont delay anymore. Thanks to "Didi" the train still fetched 5 more hours and instead of reaching ND on Sunday morning we reached Monday morning 2:30am. The very same day we had our conference presentation at INDIA HABITAT CENTER.
We lodged at International Youth Hostel..with a class hospitality and left for the conference at 8am. Every thing was so big and classy, we were like ants among dinosaurs. Inauguration started and there comes the first "Totta" of delhi on stage. Camera's full focus on that chic and soon the technical sessions started...our slot was in evening. Took 'Heavy Tea' and left for shopping...heheee.
There we went to Janpath n behisaab shopping ki:)...Later in the evening we came back to India Habitat Center. Our presentation time was coming nearer and nearer...V were quite nervous as those White faces seemed to be brilliant researchers (oops m not Racist!!). They came in front of us and the fucking thing was they were not ready to listen to anyone's explanation. We were very depressed.

But something else was waiting for us...During the dinner time there were 4 stalls with heavenly tasty foods...but among those one contained the max crowd...we went and saw, and that brought holla smile on our faces- RUM, VODKA, WHISKY....ya allah. Bas fir kya tha jaam se jaam takraye aur shaam rangeen ho gayi...den we left for International Youth hostel...had a foto session there :).
In our hostel we were surrounded by some noble people from different parts of the world. Had good experience talking to them. Again left for India Habitat Center....We got the final proceeding book in our hands there, we opened it n saw out of thousands of papers accepted for the conference only 59 were publiched...I knew we had no chance..I just gave a look to the contents page on all the 59 Authors n closed the book. Suddenly Niru shouted "Bhai see the 29th no. Authors"...i swept through the contents again and the biggest of all the surprise this trip could give us was inked there..it was our paper,,,jus then was announced the arrival of The Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi--Smt Sheila Dixit and General Secretary of Delhi. Wooh.... we were damn excited on her arrival and got momento for the same and we were jumping on our seats...lol.
At 7pm again we were invited for High Tea...there we had talks to a lot of researchers n NGOs of different countries..got their personal contacts too and finally after taking our certificated we left yet again for Shopping...to Lajpat this time and at the end after 2 day shopping i ahd some 8-9 set of clothes with me:).

For the first time I went to KFC...had that Large bucket of yummyy Chicken.. :)
Indian railway was again going to torture us as we had our train nxt morning 7am. Aur aakhirkaar Indian railway ne mera bharosa tuutne nahi diya...again the train was 9 hours late. :(:(

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