Saturday, March 27, 2010

The days WERE & The days ARE...

Everyone was so caring,
I never felt alone,
No time to think of myself,
Infact they did it for me,
Coz those WERE the days....

I had people who were meant for me,
I had someone to share with,
I had someone to cry for,
I had many to laugh with,
I was heartedly happy,
Coz those WERE the days....

I knew the clock is running fast,
I would be left all alone to fight,
Now no-one is there to hold my hands,
No-one is there to see my love,
These ARE the days....

Beside me all are standing,
Besides this no-one is understanding,
All are happy, they have got their share,
I've one thing to do,Just glare,
These ARE the days....

I know the clock is running fast,
This span will come to an end,
I will come out with empty hands,
The gap between my fingers are void,
I deadly want to learn to avoid,
Coz these ARE the days....

These words are Dedicated to "PYARE"


trish said...

well said...& well written

Anonymous said...

good 1 bro!!...dis 1'z awesome!!

SHANKY said...

thnx thnx thnxxxx

Anonymous said...

awesome bhaiya....!!

SHANKY said...

@akansha- Thnx buddy :D