Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Waah re Zindgi"--n thats a Mentos Zindgi :)

What ever happens, Happens for good... in fact if something wrong happens that also carries a positive motto behind it !!
Year 2009 was a 'Learn to smile' year for me. Now you might be thinking "Shanky still learning to smile"...hmm well m talking about smiling in unfavorable conditions.
Year 2009 has taught me to just smile in troubles and quietly say "Waah re Zindgi". Life take many turns, sometimes you may feel you were not wrong but you suffered. Like me many others get irritated at such situations and become angry but no one thinks that this situation or suffering was meant for us to learn a lesson.

Room-224,Hall-2,N.I.T. Durgapur>> Residents- Watti, Jagga, Psycho and myself. We always pulled each others leg in fun and none of us ever felt bad. Soon these jokes became 'intensional comments' for me. I felt very irritated and never realized my mistake. Soon this irritation turned into anger and one day it busted on Jagga. He then explained why he used to pass those sarcastic comments- At times i used to pull his leg in public which he took personally and got angry on me and started playing Tit of Tat. I was still angry and we dint talk for weeks. Now here I learnt to SMILE-Waah re Zindgi and learnt the limits of leg pulling.

Many of us get irritated with our parents. Almost every time it happens that mine and my dad's ideas and thinking clashes. I always felt that he was wrong but if some one looks from his point of view he was never wrong. Now whenever I am angry on him I speak to my mind-"Waah re Zindgi, najane iss baar tu kya sikhayegi" and the process of learning LIFE continues.

A true Philosophy(of my own..hehee)--If you are not in healthy terms with a friend (may be your GF/BF) or relatives then the first thing-#You are responsible--now the question is how??--Ans: Either you were directly wrong or the other person was wrong and you could not correct him in time-So ultimately the fault was yours#
The second thing-#You dint follow 'Ignorance is bliss'- you never tried to ignore the misunderstandings or faults of that person and dint give an attemp to start it all new-Again your fault ultimately# STOP BLAMING OTHERS, its your life, you are the director of the 'play'...if you blame others for your life that means you are simply a puppet acting in the life's play!!

At the end of year 2009 I saw some changes- Now Whenever I am uncomfortable (with people) or feel like blaming god to put me in some troubling situation, I whisper to myself "Waah re Zindgi" and remain calm for some seconds. This way every time I confronted a reality-""You and only You are responsible for every bad turn in your life""
In some situations you may not be wrong at all but still it can be a windstorm for you..I will only suggest dont get irritated, God wants you to face it, God wants to make you stronger, God wants to teach you wrest happiness from L.I.F.E.
Life is like a mirror, it simply reflects your deeds. If you are right,hard working, truthful then sooner or later you will receive the reflected rays in form of some healthy reward. But if your deeds are not worth then never expect life to reflect Dollars. If you want others to be happy, first make yourself happy in the worst of worsts. Smile too follows 'Laws of reflection'...Your smile will be reflected back on other's face.

This post is dedicated to (from right to left)- Jagga, Watti, Psycho and myself--"The four mastikhors". I hope my friends will alwayz keep on teaching me 'learning by changing' and m so thankful to them for making me smile althrough the horny bushes.
Dont say CHEESE...say WAAH RE ZINDGI and thats the real mentos zindgi..Apne dimag ki batti jalao.

I wish a Very happy new year to all my friends, relatives,NIT DGPians, DPSians,SSGians, FIITJEEians and Indians...lolzzz. TC, God Bless!! :):)

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