Thursday, December 17, 2009

Once he ran but came back home......this time he can't:(:(

June,2003, DPS Vindhyanagar...Session starts for 9th class. As usual me and Mrinal were all time together from 7am to 7pm. Meanwhile two new faces came up from DPS Korba to our school and both were from Shaktinagar. Since Mrinal was also en Ex-student of DPS Korba..he well knew both of them. They were Anurag Jha and Animesh Shaw. Initially we started interacting in our school bus from home to school and from school to home. I too soon came closer to both of these guys. Anurag basically changed our "No GAALI and always studying" attitude. We jumped into the world of "Lofarai". And after some months it was not just me and Mrinal but Annu and Anni too with us seen together everywhere.

Animesh was somewhat different and little serious kinda guy. He was brilliant at acads and badminton. His knowledge in Computer was incomparable- a fully tech mind. His sense of humour was fantastic..spoke less but full of humour eventhough it was tough for us to understand him at times.

June,2004, SSG (an exclusive institute for IITJEE preparation)...All the four of us joined SSG for IIT preparation. Just after two-three months we started bunking our coaching and used to go vindhyanagar (10 kms) by cycle daily. We continuously bunked for 4 months. Lastly as a consequence of the report card directly coming to our homes we all were caught by our families. Other three stopped goin SSG then but I resumed. Our preparation for board exams started. By this time all the four of us had a female crush. Mrinal- Keshika.....Anurag-Pallavi, Animesh-Ritika and SHANKARANSH-???
Well for other three of us it was just a crush game...but for Animesh I think it was something else. He never used to play with girls but there after Anni starte playing mixed doubles in Badminton that too Ritika as her partner...woow:)
March,2004...Came our board exams...we all gave it nicely. It was Animesh who called me up at 6:30am in the morning that i got 100 in mathematics and an unexpected overall-91.4%. Infact all the four of us did splendidly well.
Mrinal's dad got transfer to NTPC-Unchahar after our class 10th and Mrinal joined DPS-Noida. It was hard for me to spend time without him..I was used to him. This was the time that pulled me even more closer to Anni and Annu. Ritika and Keshika too left our school and joined some school at Jaipur and Dadri repectively.

2005...In class 11th, Animesh's mom somehow knew about Ritika and his terms with his Mom started souring. Her Mom's comments and 2-3 hour lecture everyday started pinching him from inside. None of us knew whats going on in his mind. He was an internet lover...but we never knew it could be dangerous.

10:30pm, 20th Feb,2005- I got a call from Anni's home his dad asking to send Anni back home.
I said "Uncle he is not at my home"
Uncle "he said he is going your home"
I "Noways uncle,he might be somewhere else"...and after sometime again he called
Uncle "No beta, he no where else...he took scooty and told he is goin to your home"
it was 11pm by then...All of us understood somthing has went wrong. All of our families gathered at Anni's home. We made calls to nearly all our class mates but could not retrieve Anni.
@12:30am Someone found Anni's scooty outside was clear he has ran off.
After two days...early morning I got a call from Anni's mom pleading me to tell where his son was. According to them I was Anni's best friend and I knew where Anni has ran off. They continued blaming me to support him...but i seriously dint know anything:(
After one month Anni came back(he ran to meet Ritika and spent rest of his days at delhi). When he came back...I was totally frustrated by the allegations put on me and refused to talk to Anni.
One more year passed...Anni was always in front of me but we hardly talked. But he used to tell about his even more souring relations with his mom.:(:(

We joined our colleges and after that in past three years I met Anni only once on New year party(2007).

16-12-2009, @10pm I got a call from one of my friends and heard the news that Animesh had a bike accident yesterday and God wrote his last bike ride of life!

"We miss you and you will always remain the same 'Anni' for us with whom we have spent our ultimate days of MASTI"....from Shanky, Mrinal, Annu and all other friends.


Anonymous said...

yaar i remember those daz....cant even cry now!!...its ova man!!...May god rest his soul in peace..RIP..AmEN!!

SHANKY said...

Ya the only thing we can do now is to pray for his soul.
May hid divine soul rest in peace..

Dev said...

when i read your blog,it certainly stunned me and for a moment everything flashed back in front of my eyes and feeling a little sad about what has happened and how life was fun before and all those evenings in our 10-12th class playing daily in the club and the school bus and the school of course.
miss u guys and
miss u too Ani...
may god bless your soul

Anonymous said...

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SHANKY said...

@Chrissy- Thanx alot for this comment...and it will surely be valued :)