Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A trip to remember- MITS NCE-09

29th Oct,2009- @1:40am we[I and Nirupam] had to leave for Jaipur to attend our 1st National Conference- MITSNCE-09. It was 12am..still no slides prepared for presentation...@1:15AM we were discussing to abort our plan to attend MITSNCE..even our bags not packed till den..I called Trishla and said may be we aren't coming. But something else was destined- Packed our bags,Took our lappies to make presentation in train itself,rushed our bikes to railway station and @1:35am reached there.. All thanx to Indian railway,our train was 1 hour late.
29th morning made our Presentation in train..TRING TRING-it was Trishla calling: asked"Are you coming?"...."No yaar am not coming"..."What!Shanky u missed a very good opportunity"...hehee-<<A Surprise was waiting>>
30th Oct @1:30am..TRING TRING-Dad calling-"Kaha hai beta?".."Train me hu papa..bas 30mins me Jaipur aane wala hai"..."Beta jaipur me IOCL k oil depot me mast wali aag lag gayi hai..be safe"
We stayed whole night in waiting hall with rajasthani beauties..lol.
We had our presentation on 31st so whole of 30th we utilised visiting Jaipur-The Pink City--Hawa Mahal,City palace,Gaurav Tower..

Hawa Mahal- here we had a superb experience. A nice girl following me n niru like Hutch dog...I jus said Niru-"Bhai dekhna abhi isse baat hogi"...n jus a few sec later she asked me to click her in her Cam.."Where from you are?".."I am from London"...hehee I looked up at sky..jus a 5-10min conversation and Niru asked to leave n go somewhere else..with all broken dreams of that Indian origin chick we left..still her eyes following us! I called Trishla @2PM and said sorry to her for not coming(the prank was continuing)...lastly i called ger @4PM and told that I'm in Jaipur n will be reaching MITS by 7PM..asusual she shouted on me..!!

30th Oct @7:30pm reached Lakshamangarh MITS and had a warm welcome by Trish..had dinner with her n then again last fight with our presentation started and finally slept at 1:30AM.

31st Morning TRING TRING- Trish calling:"Its 8:45AM and registration is till 9AM come fast"...we then rushed....NIT DGPians-Alwayz late!
Met her friends there-Piyali,Nupur and and and PAROMITA(dat was the most awaiting one lolzz)..left for breakfast where Paromita abashed me with that Public Maal code.
@2:30PM I and Niru went to see some presentations so that we could feel comfortable during our presentation. We were sitting in the Presentation hall...i was reading the Abstract book..meanwhile Niru said something to me..I was sitting,Looking at my book and raised ma MIDDLE Finger saying F*ck Off man...Niru said "bhai haath neeche kar" n gave me a push,,I looked at front and saw one Lady Judge staring me and knocking her head and symbolizing me-"Beta ungli kaabu me rakho"....and embarrased once again.
@7:30PM I gave the presentation..it was Cool and quitesome fluent.

Felt good speaking on mic Formally after 4 years....had the tasty MITS dinner. Trish captured some moments in her Cam..the scenic beauty of MITS was awesome. I,Niru and Trish came to our Hotel Room..i gave Trish her b'day present..hope she loved it:)

1st Nov,2009- TING TONG It was Trish on our Hotel Room's door giving a sweet morning welcome. Now today i had to meet two people-Rahul(coming straightway from BITS Pilani and Pankhuri(my schoolmate). Me,trish,niru and pankhuri left for Sikar@1PM(30mins from MITS to have lunch)...we were in search of Non-Veg but dint get it anywhere.
AMAZING FACTS TO REMEMBER- We heard of a restaurant serving Non-Veg, went there-It was booked for Marriage purpose that day- A JAB WE MET man(imagining couples out of Me,trish, niru and pankhuri) called Niru and asked "Room chahiye to mil jayega"..God that was it,we left.
Reached MITS and Rahul was waiting for us. Met him after 6 months..had a great time with him too.

@9:30PM we were to leave for Durgapur again- and byu then I was fully loaded with gifts from Trish,Rahul,pankhuri n all. Didnt even expect so much love...Niru ki to aankhe hi namm ho gayi humara pyar dekh kar..lol:):)
In our back journey me and niru were feeling damn nostalgic about the three days spent at MITS....all d gorgeous faces were flashing back in our minds..and we were so depressed of facing the Miss Worlds of NIT DGP after these three golden days :(:(:(

It would have been a complete mess at MITS without Trishla. Thanx sweetheart for being there round the clock.
Heartiest thanx to Rahul, Pankhuri,Piyali,Nupur,Sabhyata and Paromita for their special appearance!:)


trish said...

fab job shanky....true enuf d trip wud hav nvr been a memorabl1 widout me!!!! :)
evn i was nostalagic fo few days...nxt yr double masti.kudos!

SHANKY said...

haanji..but lag rha hai nxt yr NIT DGP k kaafi aashiq bhi padharenge...lolzz

Anubhav said...

Sir ji... Gaurav tower ka pata bataane ke liye kuchh credit de dete to achchha lagta
tension na le
main nahin bhoolunga tujhe... just wait...

SHANKY said...

arrey anubhav bhai...yaar tu nahi hota to Jaipur trip adhuri rehti seriously...thnx mann...blog lengthy ho gaya tha yaar tabhi kuch jyada ni likha...