Thursday, May 28, 2009

1st ShOcK!nGG site oF PEC...woohhhhh

1st may,2009...Supriya askd me to stay with her one day in delhi before I go to PEC...wsnt getting reservtn in 3-Tier....Watti askd me to take it in waiting he ll get dat confirmd thru his auncle's VIP quota[Home Minister hain bhai]...I took risk!
3rd may,2009...It was 6pm and my reservation was not yet clear...i had a confirmd ticket of 4th nite but by dat i wud not be able to meet ma innocent Sis....i was worried dat she ll get angry...n same happened i informed her dat m goin staion to get ma ticket cancelled! at 7pm i was at station wid Gupta...i too was helpless BUT yaaro khuda..allah..wahe guru..isu massi sab hi beedu k saath the..i was abt to cancel it n lastly i askd dat reservation counter auncle to chk it lastly n he said-"B2-30" and i was adncing on d counter, Gupta stopped me later....hehehee!!
4th may,2009- I reached station Hey but where shud i keep ma luggage...i calld Dulaal n within moments he was there..his home was jus a stone throw away frm station! now we three went to CP n enjoyed some 3-4 hrs together den Dulaal left...n finally supriya was happy as she says "Bhaiya wen m wid U,i cant share u wid anyone..." silly gal!!
5th MAY,2009....Dats the day i want to describe...I called my Prof-"Sir m at Chandigarh station, should i proceed to kollg"....i took an auto n reached now wat againi was loaded wid luggage I hate to carry those slums..huh!! 'Am I in any Multinational Company o wat??' yeah frnds this was the first Q my heart askd me..No one was a student all were in cars wid SOME books in hand n rarely anyone on bike...'hadd hai bhai padhne aaye ho aish maarne'-2nd Q my heart asked but not to me rather to those fellows! All well dressed in Party outfits type clothes-'bhaisaab aaj yahan Fashion Show competition hai ka?'-3rd Q my dil me I se puucha!! I was certainly amazed n confused in this new world of Glamour,Fashion,Money n only MOney-god now dats d worst situation one can be in everything was jus opposite of the type of guy I am!!
Haan unlike before these things werent highing any inferiority complex in I am simply wat I am,YO!! It was basically funny on my part to acess them.
I had to sustain wat to do...wat to do....arrey yaar gajabe bhulakkad hu me--mera Nu Yr Resolution to baaki hai bhai "Do evry such thing which irritates u"
Frm next day i jus smile away such situation all such Dudes n Damsels were jus ne Bollywood affair for me.....

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Prashant Kumar Chhetri said...

Hota hai...hhaota nice to read ur experience at PEC..well be sharp and go railing...