Thursday, July 02, 2009

15 mins n i lost both of dem...

24th june 2009 [The BLACKest Day]....what a fine breezy evening and i was feeling so energetic after that yummy mango shake. @5:30pm it was tym fo me to go for playing badminton and table tennis. I alwayz prefferd to walk and go to club....even that day i left home walking only but just a stone throw away from ma home i heard dad calling me up "beta scooter se club chale jaa paidal kyu jaa raha hai"...."nahi papa aise hi theek hai"..."arrey leje yaar"....n finally i agreed! I took Sur along with me. We had some 7-8 matches then i me energy tank is hardly left! I sat on a chair and started SMSing ma frnds...after 15 mins Sur was also exhausted and we both left for our when i went home AD was waiting for me and my dad said "beta tera mobile fone kaha hai humne lagaya to koi aur ladke utha rahe hain"...i put my hand into ma pocket and my N3110 was not there. I thought i left it in club only...i asked ma dad to call on my no. once more...a guy ppicked this mom said "Hello..Hello"...and some guys whispered "abe fone kaat de"...I understood something has gone wrong with ma mobile! I and AD rushed to Club to search it. as I was goin downstairs to ma home, I asked my mom to gimme her cellfone and ma mom said "ab isko samhal k rakhna". I and AD left to club. I reached and searched it wasnt there. Lastly i thought of calling on ma Dad's cell and inform him that some one took it away. I put ma hand in ma pocket...and then i hit both ma hands on ma head ..OH SHIT!! . AD asked "kya hua be"....abe yaar mom's mobile is not in ma pocket. And now everything was very clear...while goin from club to home ma cellfone slipped away from ma pocket and the same happened to mom's cell when coming from home to club. I immediately asked AD to call on ma mom's cell, it was ringing but someone cut it. And we understood that it has found its new owner!
We went home again informed ma mom n dad and they simply couldnt believe it! And neither scolded dad just said "mobile ko khona tha isiliye dono mobile pocket se gir gaye...isme teri koi galti nahi". Still i was feeling ashamed. Just in some 15 minutes i lost 10,000 bucks!!

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