Sunday, April 26, 2009

Agar "GITA" na hoti to mera kya hota....??

14th april 2009, next day my end sem was starting...i wasnt quite well prepared, previos sem i have been a 7 pointer so had to do sumthing this time,, i tore two long strips of blank paper from  the back of my copy, stapled them in a booklet form and now The Ved Vyasa in me woke gita took 3 houra to finally take itz finishing touch...I was feeling confident then. 
I was on 2nd bench still not afraid to take her out, I took her in my left palm n started copying, I ended up with a nice paper....a one day gap den it was next paper's turn n guess wat I made three GITAs , as i enterd my exam room all started askin me "Shanky aaj bhi chutke laya hai kya??" was funny but i was little embarrased sort of...heheeee! I told yup-three. Just after v got our answerscripts i took my GITA n the process started..and ended up with 70/70. It was an amazing experience for me and as usual i called my Mom n Dad n told them(not abt GITA butof my exam) they were happy to listen dat itz goin kool dis tym, all they want is good result from me. Den 3rd..4th sam rpocess went on....COPY PASTE frm GITA to my Answer script.. I was enjoying the game.    
Well Well "Machine Design" my nightmare was d 5th paper...i studied very conceptually...was not at all in a moods to wrtie GITA dis tym...but at 2am my confidence burst and i made three in dat niteout. I was sitting in d examination hall...again d same Q frm ma fnds,, Q.paper came in front of me..I would have done all without GITA, i knew dem all but i dunno wat carried me away, a 9 pointer was in front  me i started copying his n thruout the paper i was doin d same,, i left d Qs which i knew n was jus copyin n copying! When i came outta my hall d 1st thing i did was i called AD...he turned up i tol him wateva i did...he said itzz f9 neednt worry,,, den i took some RAHAT ki SAAS..heheeee!
well v planned a lunch with sayantani, gargi,debo n priyanka dat aftrnoon but v hav a retest f d same paper at evening so cancelled,,, i was tired but cudnt sleep, gave d test n now was preparing for the MP family Farewell party.
It enden by 12 am , all d galz left to their hostels by dat tym, v left CITI RESIDENCY n came bak to our hostels,,, changed n left fo a real party...d DAARU party...mostly all left at 3 am but frm 2nd yr Me n WATTI dint....v were enjoying n v had to wait coz v were d only ones who werent had to manage rest...sab senti ho gaye the...all were crying n all carrier oriented talks were on wid music n dance side by side on Hall-9's roof...d scenario was fantabulous,, at 6 am Me, watti uttu, diggi n mandil left out f kollg to daddu's jhoops n hav omlet n tea....n finally at 7am we returned to our hostels.
Our seniors have given so much to dis kollg..i really learnt loads frm them...i believe v can maintain their legacy on.
MP FAMILY ROCKS n so do NIT-DGP!!!...Amen


partyprincess said...

oho toh yeh baat hai,yaar tum to cheating mein extra expert ho rahe ho!well gud to see tu aish kar raha hai,life has n i guess never will b that gud 4 me........i guess,i need some time off!i really have to sweat it out this time!tere jaise acche college mein jaana hai!

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