Monday, February 16, 2009

V@L3nTinE$ DaY...24hrs to love ur love!!

It was 14th Feb 12.00am I was @ RADIO NITROZ stall in MOTOR ZUNDUNG..all surrounded with d crowd..but it was a big day i tried to escape n gave ma 1st call to dat person who thinks f me in her every single breath...dere izz no1 whom she calls SWEETHEART,HONEY,DARLING,BULL DOG...except me...she izz SUPRIYA ma best s!s...but but but ye kya they caught me again escaping from d nitroz desk n pulled me back,, luckily v had to pack our stall den...wooooh!!
I came bak hostel called TRISHLA,i was d 1st one to wish her...n guess fo dis she declared me her BF fo d day...heheheheee....yippiiiiiii!!!! Well it was SOURABH SUR's turm nw...u mst be thinking y a guy...dont take it otherway frnds actually it was his b'day!!
I msgd all ma school frnds...but I MISSED SUM1....sum1 who used to be everything to me...who made ma 2008's V-day so spcl. I slept n msgd her in d morning n the reply was "I expected a call frm u"...i was short of bal but i did...i dint want her to feel down dat day...!!
Hmmmm    I have been asked by sum1 to describe LOVE!!
Well love according to me has very forms...for ur parents, for ur friends , for ur relatives, sister, brother.....n lemme tell u i wished V-day to all of them!
BUT ofcourse this spcl day izz meant for some spcl celebrate ur love with ur beloved in a spcl a different way which cud make her o him proud to have u as a partner! Best LOVE is frndship turned izz abt sharing urself wid ur beloved not ur moments....being each others support, full of trust and truthfullness...accepting each others suggestion...doing everything which can make ur beloved happy....I will end here describing love coz these are the things i obey in ma life for all d ones i LOVE!!
I wish god make the list f ma beloved ppl longer n longer! AMEN....

Arrey re ek beet to batana bhul hi gaya me aap logo ko....I n RJ SHERLI prepared a spcl event fo V-day.."SPEED DATE" n v got numerous pairs participating in our proved to be D MOST successful event...YOOOOO!!

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