Sunday, October 12, 2008

Was dat a Hidden Talent in me?....I think so

A free period..went to back canteen wid pshyco…met akash tiwari>>n a new chapter of ma kollg lyf was written. I was d favourite actor of seniors in ma ragging tym..bahuut nautanki krta tha me especially in enacting females....oops!! Tiwari being ma closest senior offerd me to do a SKITT PERFORMANCE in a village for NSS[National service scheme]..n i immediately said yes!
"WHAT BENGALI"...dis is wat i reactd wen he tol me d skitt must be in a bigger challenge fo me was awaiting....i took Pshyco,SandyNit,Nirlipta n Sayantani in d skitt grp wid me.
I wrote the script in hindi jus 2 days wat..Sayantani translated dat in bengali for me n pshyco,rest 3 knew bengali the task begins. the concept was ADDICTION- I was addicted to drinkin habbit my son[Pshyco] got TB i wasted all my n ma wife's[Sayantani's]money in drinking n gambling...n ultimately he died. SandyNit was d Doctor n Nirliota was pshyco's daughter..hehehe!! Pshyco had jus two dialogues in d skitt n i had many...meri literally fatt gayi thi bengali seekhne me....
Now wat jus 1 day was left i wasnt done wid ma dialogues[baar baar bhul jata tha]...v even dint practise our skitt once>>>D FINAL DAY CAME it was 11am v all met @ Basket Ball court....everything was ready except ma b;ful bengali dialogues. @1:30pm v boarded on Bus n Left for AARA Village. Whole of the journey i was only mugging up those hazardous dialogues n was tellin ma mates how to act n abt diff scenarios...V landed there @2:30pm.....V took senior's permission n went near a home n started practising our skitt fo d first tym. V were thirsty..asked an aunty fo water...v thot it of a village n dat aunty gave us MINERAL WATER...nw was dat a village..aunty had a cellfone too...a mordern village may be,lolz. V were practising in corridor on dat aunty's home [she granted permission to us..choo chweet f her na..]..a village gal was watching our performance i was a sharabi n dat gal wen askd ki whos actin was best,she said..dat bhaiya's ..pointing to me......yoooooo i impressed CHAMPA[dis izz wat i calld her]...aunty was all d tym on fone tellin his husband[in office] abt all d funny aspects of our skitt..darasal i was all d tym mistaking in speakin bengali n moreovr ek sharabi ki acting kar raha tha dat bcame a fun stock fo aunty n so fo his hubby...i tol aunty m speakin bengali fo d 1st tym...poking ma nose betwn her hubby n her!!
Finally it was abt to start some kollgs gave thier skitt an average responce>> but @ last came NIT DURGAPUR....d skitt started with a serious note featuring Pshyco n Nirlipta n later Sayantani joined her n guess wat here comes d sharabi[me] den Public burst into laughter n laughter, v got maxm responce even other kollg's students were hooting fo us, d play was on wid all funny n serious secenes goin on fo dat 15minutes,lastly Pshyco died of TB...... v ended wid a serious note ki "jo hua aapke samne hua,,ab aap hi decide kariye sharab badi ya aapke bachhe ki jaan",,crowd bcame silent n serious till den....n knw wat we gathered a huuge crowd...n huuuuuuuge round of applaus,,we were sucessfull in passing the social message n dat too in a funny way....wen v came down d stage all our frnds surrounded us n tareef hi tareef ....aaaaaah finally dil ko tasalli mili........dosto bas maza hi agya....we came bak to hostel saw our recording to other frnds n they too were all out laughing[Amy did d recording f our play..thanx buddy]!!
I wrote d script i decided every scene n directed the got the best responce @ Aara village. God is giving me so many chances to prove mahself.....Thanchuuuuuu BHAGWAN JI.....muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!
OYE KISI KI NAZAR NA LAGE.....hehehehehehehehee

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