Friday, October 03, 2008

Is dis a "U" turn?

Emotions,Love-Drama,Action[aftr reactn],Tears,a lil of smile,tym waste on mobile,day (love)dreams....these were the fillers of ma journey thru the first year of ma kollg!! "$hanky-a Perfect JOKER"... dat was all ppl knw abt me wen i was in skul.......but i created a mess in ma lyf,tuk some idiotic decisions...n simply wasted first yr f ma kollg!

I was becoming Serious day by day But who cares,Serious n me>NAAAAH...aakhir hum Mr. $hankY hain bhai....kuch to karna tha khush hali k din bahaal krne k liye,darasal i wanted sumthin in which i cud engage mahself...aur dastak di RADIO NITROZ ne!
From the begining of ma 3rd Sem i started feeling the back shift in me... increased interaction with frns, a jolly mood(s),outings frequently..even i m stuck with the MOVIE maniac now....THE JOKER IS BACK!! SHANKY IS BAK WID THE SECOND EPISODE OF LAUGHTER IN HIS LIFE.
I believed that NIT DGP can never gimme a "F.R.I.E.N.D."
aur bhi bahut sare frns n finaly m happy with ma sweet family @NIT DGP. Life is no more boring[not talkin abt mine but f ma friends's-who were incomplete widot me]....the reason fo laughing n njoying is again on ma side.

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