Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gauri gave d best n biggest gift to me

It was wen i was in klass 10th...knew only one thing abt dis guy"ladkiya to iski deewani hain". Later in klass 11th v became "true frns" if anythin went rong in klass it was u,me n AD who were blamed....yaad hai na?? Dat was d period wen i started changing ma attitude 2ward gals n weneva i luked @ u everythin was inspirational. The best thing i learned was 2 respect gals. Ur every action was a bigoo lesson 4 me....dere was a definite change in me,, i wud mention 3 f ma closest frns who helped me in ma search 4 'SHANKARANSH'--GAURI,BHAKKI N AD!!
The funniest n un4gtable moment-
It was english klass i,u,bhakki n AD bunked...v went 2 clinic but soon moved out n saw our sexy princi MOHANTY SIR...V decided 2 separate in grps f 2 "u&me" n "bhakki &AD"....princi caught us n said"u both got 100 in maths in klass 10th n u r bunking d klass"....meanwhile d other two were trying 2 skip off frm d stairs n princy caught dem 2 n shouted "hey u both also cum 2 me" n al v 4 got sucked n ultimately v said sorry to our english teacher PANDA SIR[YO! AKSHAY..]
Best gift-
It had been 6 months i n she dint talk,i stopped calling her. U were in touch wid her n it was only coz f u dat she n her frns called me.....god knows wat a magic u did! Lter u taught me every single step to take to get into dis lovely was only coz f u dat misunderstandings betwn us vanished n v became frns....talkin over fone bcame a habit! Hats off to u dude! N jus recently wen i was messed @ her u pulled me out frm d tsunami of ma confusion n mistrust. Now mentionin abt "The Gaurav"....his 1st love"PALLAVI" not chaudhary but d judawa sisters n ur GF BIPASHA..2 luckiest gals on earth! Kaash me laundi hota aur tu mera me marr gawaa yaar!! I hav alwayz tried to copy u n i will continue dis job.......yaar i cant even say thanks 2 u for being wid me....dis ll b an injustice 4 a person lyk u!!

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