Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gals wid magic entry in ma life-

So its whole so whole abt 2 gals who helped me find maself::
1.SUPRIYA- It was in klass 6th wen i joined DPS n she used to board frm ma bus-stop,v were in d same section....gradually started talkin n sharing things,our homes were also v.near n sumtimes v used to play TT 2gether, she found a gud bro in me n started tieying rakhi 2 me. Dat time i had v.short spikes shorta hair n she used to hav its touch al times. N ya once 1 was beaten up by his bro SUDHANSHU..n i cried later in home 4 dis...hehehehe!
But gods grace he has also becum a gud frnd of mine. Well in klass 10th her home got shift n her section 2, communication gap was built up...may b due to ma changed attitude dat time.....n worst was she got transfered frm shaktinagar n i dint know wen?!! N supriya im telling after dat on each rakshabandhan i used to miss u a lot, v had no contacts after dat...i alwayz felt guilty 4 ma attitude later.....n den a blast...i was in 12th klass,it was rakshabandhan day, i was missin u..even i tol ma mom dat dat"agar supriya hoti to wo bhi mujhe rakhi bandhati"....i was outta home n wen i came bak i heard"beta supriya ka call aya tha"....i was simply flattered n jus few sec later i was 'ma supriya calling'....i was soooo happy n it was amazin u still remembered ma! Hats off 2 was all coz v were made 4 each other!
N u were so much mature till dat time ....u taught me sum new lessons of life n remember u alwayz said 'u r so confused' n used to lyk scold me wen i talked abt HER.
Only coz of u i bought "BHAGWAT GITA" n surely it helped me. U insisted me 1 day"shanky u need to b spiritual"....through ma blog i really want to thank u 4 dat....I LOVE U!!

I was in fiitjee,dat time it was only 4 guys n a gal....v always wanted sum more gals 2 cum.....n den i had ur tragic entry...jus kiddin yar! Okiee initially v dint talk much,u were most times wid ANAMIKA but thanks to her dat she left fiitjee n in d interval time v started talkin....n became "frns"(i mean it n u knw it). I liked ur attitude n alwayz used to say 2 RAHUL"abe yaar wat a amazin gal she is...itne ladko me akeli ladki hone k baad bhi she is soo confortable n so r v".... n u knw u made me realise dat dis was a huge drawbak wid HER. I started comparing u n her n found a bigoo gap, u were so confident wid us it was lyk...its al a male party...hai na?!! Trish ur character is admirable....thanks 2 dis blog dat im able 2 put up ma heart to u.
Later v came closer.....n every moment was lyk living a life 2gether! Wen v were bidding farewell 2 u...i was really loosing ya! N lastly i cant stop maself 2 mention d moment wen u tol ki u r in DHANBAD...i had atest in ma kollg but but but i was so much into meeting u dat i arranged a frnd 2 giv ma test...i ran to station widin 1/2 an horu n d 3hr. journey of train was lyk 30 days....n den d sweetest moment was wen u n ur frnd were shopping in big bazar dere n u dint know i was behind u nur frnd was talkin abt me only... n u turned bak.....hayoo rabba ni maza aa gaya tha na be!! Trish im alwayz dere 4 u...i really feel proud wen u share ur problems wid me....n im ending wid thanking u 4 al d suggestions u gave me for ma [supposed to be real] lovelife!!

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trish said...

hey i came across ur blog...n really its very flattering..i really cherish those days yaar..dat till date keep us so lucky 2 hav a frnd lik u!!