Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The fight to "Choose"

I am always fascinated by people who keep themselves out of the crowd. The fact that top 1% of the people in this world possess almost 50% of the world's wealth tells us that these 1% of the people must be doing something different. There is only one 66 year old politician/citizen, Modi, who became PM of India, he has to be different than thousands of men of his age in India. While we are doing our 9 to 5 jobs, there are good number of self-made millionaires under 30 years of age around the world. While we sit in our luxury apartments, our friends are working on bringing a social change, helping the needy or building a new social entrepreneurial firm.

But how are these people any different than us? How do they manage to stand out? I understand that not everyone can become Steve Jobs nor does everyone aspire to become Steve Jobs, but what amazes me is that there was only one such teenager in the whole world who did things differently to become Steve Jobs. Jack Ma got rejected by Harvard University 10 times but he reached a level where none of the Harvard graduates could. Why? How?

I have a friend- K Vinay Rao, who comes from a very small town/village in West Bengal, India, but he is the only kid from his town to reach a level where his efforts changed the face of his family. What was different about K Vinay Rao?

Such observations/questions led me to read more about such people and the first thing that I noticed in all of them is the way they would think and the CHOICES they make which is influenced by the way they think. "Choice" is such a simple word that leaves a huge impact on one's life. Lately, the one thing that helps me keep away from smoking (trying my best) is the thought of making a choice at the moment when I have an urge to smoke- Why should I CHOOSE to smoke? And this question in my head helps me make the right choice (for the most part :D ). When I have some work to do and the feeling of procrastination creeps in, I tell myself- You do have an option to work, would you rather choose to procrastinate? It is extremely difficult to ask yourself such a question, control your mind and CHOOSE the right thing to do. While most of us come back from work and CHOOSE to relax by watching TV series, there would be a guy in the Silicon Valley who would chose to work his ass off after work on his own innovative idea. Some of my friends- Samrat, Ashwini, Harsh, Anurag, Rafik ( and a few more) CHOSE to quit their good paying jobs and started their own ventures. Was this choice easy for them? Definitely NOT. But why do they make such choices? In my opinion:

1. They are more aware of themselves and their surroundings.
2. They have a vision and they are mentally prepared to face the initial struggle to defend their choices.
3. They value time. They are not the one's who say "Wake me up when September ends".
4. They are inspired either by their experiences in life or by the people around them.
5. They first compete with their own self.
6. They always have a clear picture of their big goal.

For the past 2 years I have been wanting to visit my friends in Minnesota. Last month I thought- "What is stopping me from going there?" I had no answer. I looked at my calendar and figured out the weekend when I had no fixed plans and I simply booked by tickets to Minnesota. Had I not booked my tickets, it would have been another "relaxing" weekend at home for me, but I CHOSE a different option. Starting June of this year, I decided to run everyday. Sometimes I come back from work and I am tired, but I give myself a minute and remind myself that I need to be determined and then I CHOOSE to run. I have realized that making a choice is the first step but being focused on the choices you make is the key to success.

Anything we do, we choose to do it, its our CHOICE, but remember- There is always an option, so choose wisely my friend. You need to fight with yourself to CHOOSE the right thing, just make sure you win that battle with yourself !!


K Vinay Rao said...

Yes indeed, CHOICE is yours to make. People confuse responsibilities as a road block for their choices. But, even taking that responsibility is also a choice. Some take it some don't. The person who never runs away from his responsibilities never has to worry about his image and deadlines.
Shankaransh did something amazing while working for other companies. He never chose to loose ethics at work and delivered on time without compromising the quality and that made him popular among his clients.
So, sometimes practicing ethics, values and taking responsibilities allows you to choose easily.
Moral of the story is choices are what you must have to step forward but practicing what is right is what defines you.

Unknown said...

Very well put thoughts there Shankaransh. Good to know that you are visiting Minnesota ,when is it planned ?