Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happiness OR Satisfaction

I am about to turn 26 in a few hours and I just wanted to share something that I have realized in my recent past. I am an observer and a thinker. When I look at our society, especially my generation, I try to analyze what is going around, I try to learn and adapt the best practices to make myself a better human being. I wish to continue doing this forever and ever.

I want to share my thoughts on happiness and satisfaction, how do I define them and what is the difference between happiness and satisfaction according to me and where are we going wrong with it.

Lets look at few examples- You buy a new cell phone. Are you happy? Definitely yes! Are you satisfied? May or may not be...right?

You go on a vacation. Are you happy? I guess you should be. Are you satisfied? Again may or may not be.

You secure a good paying job. Are you happy? Well money shouldn't let you down, but are you satisfied? Big question, right?

How long would such a happiness going to stay with you? A day? A week? A month would be over exaggerated. 

I have one thing to say- Satisfaction guarantees happiness but happiness cannot guarantee satisfaction! Bottom line.

So what should you look for? Happiness OR Satisfaction? 

I see that many of us are happy with our life. But ask yourself...Am I satisfied? Take one moment before you read further and ask yourself- What is that one thing that I have done that makes me feel satisfied? So do you have an answer?

Satisfaction comes with achievement and achievement should come with milestones that you set forth for yourself. Again take a moment and ask yourself- What is my next milestone in life? Do you have an answer? If not then you are not doing it right my friend.

Lets see what is satisfaction.
You buy a new cell phone, but this is not just another cell phone. You craved for it, you set your monthly budget to save for it, you decided that no matter what but next year I want to award myself with this cell phone and now here it is. Satisfied, right?

You go on a vacation. But this is not just another vacation. You planned for it years back, you set your milestone that I will work hard to earn myself a self sponsored tour to Europe or Goa. Satisfied, right?

You get a new job. But this is not just another job, this is what you wanted to do or this is the company you wanted to work for. You set a target for yourself and you achieved it. How did you feel? or How would you feel? Just happy or satisfied & happy?

I see quite a lot of people in the age group 22-30 who live very similar life. Bachelors degree, say yeyyy! Masters degree, say yoooo! A fine paying job and there you go, life is set. Is that you? Yes you?

We have so much misinterpreted the words fun and happiness. Each one of us have our own definitions of happiness and I support that because at the end of the day each one of us should live a happy life. We all deserve it. But I strongly feel that happiness coming in package with satisfaction is the right way to do it.

How many of you crib about your job? How many of you just see one positive factor with your job and that's the money coming in. I would assume at least a few of you if not many. Well we spend 8 long hours of our day at office...shouldn't we love what we do and make our work place a little better for ourselves? Don't you think if you really take interest in completing a project at work then your pay check will give you much more happiness and satisfaction? It just annoys me when people are not happy at work, they don't love what they do, they are just not satisfied. If so, move your asses and do something that you would like. Are you afraid that you would not get the job you like? Do you think you deserve it? Do you think you have the talent to get your dream job? Go get it rather than wasting your time. But be satisfied my friend. That's the key! 

Happiness that comes from partying on weekends, shopping, going out with friends and family etc are important but are very short lived. When you achieve something and you feel satisfied, that feeling of happiness will stay with you for life. Isn't that something that excites you?

For those handful of people who have set milestones but are afraid to try because they are skeptical of their friend even failure could be satisfactory because you tried, because you gave your best. There is no way you could feel the magic unless you step into those shoes.

Go discover yourself, go find something to do which will make you satisfied rather than doing something that gives you a temporary happiness which you might not even remember the next day or next week.

This post is dedicated to our CONFUSED GENERATION. Please take it as a positive criticism. I may not be the best but I am definitely not YOU my friend.

Thanks for reading.
Love ya all !!

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