Friday, October 22, 2010

Long Known yet UNKNOWN FACES

1st Sept,2010 @1pm- Sandeep Ranjan Bhowal got placed at TELCON, Party time \m/, 3 pm boozing started and few hours later everyone of us was resting in peace. World seemed so small yet so complicated, faces behind faces and the race to win..I dont know what all was running through my mind without a single thought of what time is going to show next. I was enjoying my unusual dreams.
It was 7 pm now, I was still hang on my bed when my cellphone rang, it was Nirupam.."Bhai jaldi sabko leke Hall-2 aja panga ho gya hai, 3rd year ne Final year ko maar diya hai" and that was enough to wake me up. We ran, I was 60% concious and 160% charged. I dint know anything else than what Nirupam briefed. We reached and saw lots of Final years already engaged in the camouflage. I found many angry and many confused faces like me over there. Hundreds of people and thousands of talks. Just then I heard from some one that our Subhashish and Subhash have been hit by some Bihari 3rd year guys...and these words couldn't stop me from being red hot. I was just wondering how could some Final years come in protection of those 3rd year people and there I saw some Long known yet UNKNOWN FACES. 
Our Profs came meanwhile, everyone who were shouting a few minutes back for our guys, took a back stand and here again I saw some Long known yet UNKNOWN FACES. The fear of others being noticed  left our cute innocent Nepali guys alone. I cudnt be that coward and I spoke out loud for my friends, was a bit unconciuos but still was very much manageable, and then I became the talk of the night- "Sala hero banne gaya tha,chup nahi reh sakta tha", "Kya zarurat thi usko beech me itna uchalne ki" etc etc and for the third time I saw some nude Long known yet UNKNOWN FACES.

2nd Sept @7:30pm- Myself, deepak and rishikesh were returning back to our hostel from Techno, in front of Hall-5 we heard someone passing sarcastic comments on us, they were the Bihari Final year guys, they were on fire :P. They entered in our mess and made evrything messy pointing out my fallacies the night before in the conversation with our Dean advocating against those 3rd year Bihari guys. I found some 100 people negotiating the talks with those handfull insane Bihari guys. WTF!! Wasnt that being coward?? Jab unhone Mess me ghuste hi Negotiations ki maa behen kar di to tum log kyu Gandhi ji k bhakt bann rhe the. And GOD uncovered some more Long known yet UNKNOWN FACES.
"Vinash kale vipreet budhhi" I can never sacrifise with my self respect and ego...yeah EGO!!
The team of MEN were ready for the attack. We marched towards Hall 5 now, this time we were on fire, they saw us coming and ran here and there but some couldn't escape. Just in a glimpse of time Iron man played his game. Still no probs, they were buried in our fire the next moment.
I dont know about the culprits but yeah I was bit ashamed of this incident. I was shattered when I saw the reaction of some very (so thought) CLOSE FRIENDS. I could not figure out where I was wrong..
#Advocating for something right was wrong?
#After being stuck alone between a crowd of 10 BUTCHERS in the Mess, fighting for your self respect was wrong?
The week ahead: I noticed some people stopped talking to me , I saw some close friends making fun of me, I heard people criticising me more than those Bihari people, I felt being treated as the REAL CULPRIT, I found people posting so gently over this issue on FB....thanks to this incidence that I could learn another REALITY OF LIFE, the reality of many Long known yet UNKNOWN FACES.

Janta's thoughts for me:
#Agar koi tumhe gali de rha ho and palat k tum bhi use gali de do to fir tumhare aur usme fark hi kya reh gya.
#Koi ek gaal pe maare to duusra gaal bhi aage kar do.
# If they were insane, you could have taken some intelligent decision instead of being insane too.

I would say one thing- Dost AC chambers me baith k koi bhi calm reh sakta hai aur intelligent decisions le sakta hai...lekin jab soldiers border pe hote hain to everything is INSTANTANEOUS. Bina field me kadam rakhhe you cannot predict a soldier's state of mind and his emotions. Match khatm hone k baad players ki galtiyan nikalna bahut aasan hai mere dost......Ground pe utar k dekho kabhi....GULLI NA UKHAD GAYI TUMHARI to dekhna.. :P

I may be wrong in my views lekin tum log bhi sahi nahi the dost. Baat zara dil pe lag gayi hai lekin koi ni jo hota hai achhe k liye hi hota hai....
Love you all :)


live life enjoy life . said...

bhai sahi hai...

SHANKY said...

thnx bhai
and thnx for being a regular reader

trish said...

Amazing man!
True enough,U rock and some people have gone to rocks.When people start criticizing you it is damn obvious dat you have achieved something they did pine for but could never have.I think that thing is called 'guts'.
Now this blog can be called-
Its always fun not to blend in but stand out.CHEERS!

SHANKY said...

It was Guts, faith in friends and not being selfish anyhow.
Luv u sweetheart.. :)