Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Turkish Hindistan

Yeah, Hindistan thats what Turks call India. I am in Turkey for last one month and was waiting for my experiences to grow more to blog it down and now here I am. I saw people having all absurd news about India and amazingly those news were common to all, every Turk knew the same about India, they say their ancestors teach them this. Woooooohhh.. Now let me tell you some of them.
*If a Turk saw any poor guy in Turkey, he symbolizes him as "Indian Begger".
*They wonder how many gods are there in Hindu religion and WHY??
*They ask what is the population of Muslims in India and how is our relation with Indian Muslims.
*Most of the people saw Slum Dog Millionaire and have supposed whole of India to be like that- A Slum.
*Indian insects are very popular for the "Fact" that they are one of the most poisonous of all found on earth and if an insect bites them no power on earth can save them.
*The 1st thing they notice about Indian women is- "Hey whats that thing at the center of their head"... supposedly Bindi.
*To some I asked why all you people think India is full of poor people and I got a common answer-"Slum Dog and DISCOVERY channel speaks all about the living of Indians"
*Just once I heard from a boat man "I have seen on TV and read that Indian Industries are growing very fast and they will be one among the most developed nations in years to come"...I really felt chilled. :D
Ya friends Turks ask- "Why do you worship cow?", "We daily eat cow, does eating cow a sin for you?", "What if you are driving and you hit a cow and its dead- What punishment will you get?", "We have heard that if a cow is sitting on road you people stop your car and wait for hours and hours for that cow to move herself ("itself" in Turkish tongue) and it becomes a huge traffic jam", blah blah blah....
This is all about the "Turkish Hindistan".

Well for this I won't blame the "Sweet Turkish people"- It is just that they only know a part of "The Vast India", they have just read whatever is written over their history books about Cows, they have just seen a handful of people telecasted on TV and unfortunately all poor, they have a common culture and religion all over the country and that drives them away from the complexities of a country with a diverse religion and culture spread out.
On the other hand when I answer to their Questions and explain them the real face of India, they whole heartedly accept it. They accept that whatever they knew was just "a part of turth". That is why I said "Sweet Turkish people".

There is yet another thing to notice, people love to talk to Hindistanis, they give love, respect, help and whatever you need or may be even more than that.

Now I would like to compare the two countries, the backdrops I noticed in Hindistan after coming to this place-
*The Biggest and foremost problem- Population. We have a population of 1.2 billions and Turkey is just having a population of 75 million sweet turkish people. It is obvious that its difficult to keep 1.2 billion people rich than to keep 75 million people rich.
*Trade: Turkey has an influence of rich European countries and we are surrounded by many small developing countries.
*Indian government is always fighting for yet another state, no one bothers to represent its country as a whole. No wonder very soon every state of Hindistan would be fighting to become a separate country. "Chak de India" reminds me of that. We all, while in India, represent ourselves by our states we belong to, we never say "We are Indians". But exactly the opposite I found in Turkey.
*We can see Turkish Flag outside a shop, inside bus, outside houses, inside every government or private office, at electric poles, over mountains, on vehicles,in every institute, etc etc.
But Indian Flags, if a shopkeeper puts it outside his shop,if a person put it on his car or hang it from an electric pole on road(except for Republic and Independence Day), he will be jailed for "Disrespecting" Indian flag, in none of the offices I have gone I have ever found an Indian flag over the tables.
We can feel the nationialism at every footstep in Turkey. And that feeling matters.
*The Heroes- Turkish give homage to their heroes, they have statues of Ataturk everywhere, I mean if you don't know who is he (like me) you will be forced to ask and know about him finding him everywhere you go. But what about Gandhi Ji and Bhagat Singh?? We people even don't remember them on their Birth and Death anniversaries.
*Mentality- We Indians are bound to do things which make our country look even more dirty, we have taken oath not to put garbage in Bin, we have taken oath to do "Muutr visarjan" (Pee)on roadsides, we have taken taken oath to throw the wrappers of out food stuffs there and then as we finish, no matter what the place is.
In Turkey people respect their government, they want their country to look beautiful. I have possessively observed people walking some 10 meters and throwing the garbage in Bin only. Here you wont find a heap of bad smelling plastics whose facility you can avail anywhere you want in India.
*Technology- We help many countries to develop new technologies, we are intellectually one of the most sound countries but we just develop,we don't use our technologies and soon it just becomes a history. This may be one of the reasons why we are a cheap labour for U.S.
In turkey I found the use of technology (for a very small eg- all the buses,even the local ones, have hydraulic doors), they don't develop it all on their own but use it to fullest and increase their living standards.
*Work Culture- We are lazy, except for some well renowned institutes nowhere you will find any fruitful research work going on. We have no enthusiasm to develop our country. On the other hand, here even small institutes carry many research works, they have a zeal to contribute to their Institute and their nation.
*Simplicity- We consider a simple person as a very soothing human being, we relate simplicity with living style, but here the definitions are changed- Simple means Simple by your thoughts- If a person is simple, he/she is not living his/her life. Thats their perspective of live and I loved it.

We have those two things a developed nation needs- Intellectual Power and Wealth. We just need one thing- Change our mentality. And India will soon be a developed country!!

Thanks to Orcun,Sercan,Anil,Halil,Ozge,Remziye,Murat,Sadik,Appo,Boat wala and every other person who involved in conversation with me and helped me to think, think beyond the rocks!!


Anonymous said...

xcellent blog bhaiya......really india needs such typs of upcoming yrs..we'll find a developed country...!

Akshay said...

i completely agree with you. our main problem is population.

my cousin told me this. she was at a bus stop. a kid ate something and was searching for a bin. he saw one a little far away. when he was going near the bin, his mother sw him, slapped him and said, "why are you going there when you can just throw it here".

so unless we change the mentality of the whole population it is not possible to keep our country clean.

we can keep fines for throwing litter, but then we will have to keep people to enforce the law, people are bound to be poor, theyll accept bribes. unless their seniors are strict, they will take bribes. this hierarchy will follow till local ministers who accpet bribes. so unless idealists and educated people like you and me leave engineering and join politics, we cannot change our country.

SHANKY said...

@ akanksha- thanx...

@akshay- well illustrated by ur cousin dude. may be thats what has happened with us in our childhood :P

But dude ppl like us need not join politics to change India. What if we stop giving bribes, what if we ourselves throw garbage in bins, what if we influence others (may be just ONE) to do what we are doing. Changes start from home. M never being told strictly by my parents to keep roads clean..but what if we keep it strict to future generations..
We can and we will dude..just we need to join hands. Wassay?
Btw ur perspective was also very true, just that I want to focus n start from ourselves 1st.

Akshay said...

true. never hurts to have an optimistic outlook. but we i know for sure that we will have to teach balajis children. ive tried telling him to throw in the bin but he never listens. and i know one thing for sure, he is gonna have lots of kids :P

SHANKY said...

ahhahahaa...sahi hai yaar! May be singapore jake balaji ki bhi aankhein khul gayi hongi.. :P

madhyama said...

hey dad! first of all, congratulations on the writing style nd the choice of subject... they are too gud :)...
the first part abt turkish hindustan, i love each line... bt the comparison, forgive me, is very limited and fairly predictable.... its very easy fr u to critisise smthing at the surface, bt it takes real good analysis to get the real picture nd im afraid ur analysis is a bit shallow... u forget the fact that while india has been oppressed fr so long, turkey has always been a major power...there are bound to be some basic differences because of that, which will be bridged only with time... nd they sure are bridging... i agree with some parts bt not all... nd more than that, what are u doing with ur article?? just showing one more ugly face of the nation to not just indians, bt all....those of us who are able to access this blog sure know all these, nd those who are nt aware of all these facts, are not aware of ur blog itslef... so the only thing this does is that it makes us even more dismal in front of the other nationalities... nd while im not saying to stay away frm reality, i do believe that u could easily have outlined some of the numerous positives from our country so that the misconception of others might be changed a bit...
neways, u know i respect u dad... bt this second half , i dunno, didnt think was required in this vein... though of course... if this changes some ppl , its good fr the nation :)
btw, keep rocking in turkey nd dnt forget my LG treat fr the essays is still left :P

madhyama said...

nd yeah...i think u must be knowing this bt still, in case u forgot, putting up the national flag is now allowed, provided some rules have to be followed... bt since its just been a small time since the decision of allowing, not many ppl have begun hoisting the flags... bt im sure the trend will catch up soon ....

SHANKY said...

@madhhi- Nice1.
I too felt it while I was going to post it down. But meri u knw abt ma next post?? Nahi na...The COMPARISON will continue and this time the other way round.

Dekh time has changed a lot...I agree we had been oppressed for long but doesnt the fight for independence wud have made us more strong? Are we UNITY IN DIVERSITY?? Think practically n logically.

And as far as ur concern is concerned darling..this blog was to awaken Indians and the continued part will awake rest part of the world.
N as soon as i come India,m gonna have an Indian flag in ma room..for sure!!
Jai hind, Jai Bharat!!

SHANKY said...

@madhhi (again)- U wrote "m jus showing another ugly face of India not only to indians but to other nationalities".
I am a big optimist, I thought some one will surely point out this and this time it was you. Well beti I dont want to defend India, I want to fight for it. It hurts to be in foreign land and listen some disgusting things about India. I know others will read..may think worse for India...but if u have it in you "Change the mentality"..this time the mentality of other nationalities.
Ppl say its "easy to say but hard to do" and you spoke "with time we r heading towards better India"...yeah ofcrs...dats no doubt abt it yaar. But thr are some things like a clean India that should not take time, some decisions are to be thought of n immediately put it into action. I will try to prove my point through my actions may be not for clean India but for clean Nit Dgp atleast.
Time is running fast, time is a big cheater, I never rely on time and say "I am improving with time". We want instantaneous actions not a "Panch varshiya yojna"...
I wud love to discuss further and clear if m wrong.

Enjoy commenting!!
Jai Hind!!

madhyama said...

hmmm yeh hui na meri pitaji jaisi baat !! bt i still feel ki it wud have been better to incorporate ur next blog in this one only as this alone still seems a bit negative to me.... i agree that clean india shudnt ideally tk time... bt u realise... that means changing the mindset of ppl, ppl who are struggling fr a number of things nd fr whom luxury is almost nonexistant.... so its a bit difficult... bt of course... theres no justification fr that... nd i totally root fr ' at least a cleaner nitdgp'... totally!! frget foreign ... just think, any of us who go to a mall or sm upmarket place, automatically become more sofisticated nd cleaner , more civic nd hygenic, while in narrow gallis, we trash around happily... why so??? just because we are basically big hypocrats... nd we need to change... first at a personal level nd then at the gradually increasing broader level too... lets do our bit... :)
btw im loving d discussion dad... nd once again, as i first said, the topic u chose was excellent nd so was the writing style... good work as a blogger... bt maybe fr me some parts went a bit unacceptable ...
nd ya as a side note... am just abt to finish my proj at iit delhi :D

SHANKY said...

@madhhi- I too love critics more than the ones writing "Nice1 shanky"

Well I knw u r not a critic but atleast u said what u felt. I can truly understand your aspect but just that "these were my emotions"...I was personally analysing just the negative facts. I dont know but thats how I am from within too..always finding negatives in me n try to rectify it.
But better late than never...just wait for my next blogpost- Hope that will make u a "Happy and proud Indian"!!

N best of luck for wrapping up ur project darling.
And thnax for ur compliments to my blog....m loving it :D!!
Jai Hind!!

madhyama said...

yeh lo..i ws being a critic nd u said im not :P... koi na... im also waiting fr ur next blog... nd yeah... its a known fact that generally aurthors write what they are... so if thats the u analyse urslef.. naturally ur blog will also show that !! keep on writing :D... nd yeah all the best fr ur proej too... enjoy :).... nd yeah i notice u dnt say a single word abt my LG essay treat... :P... bhoole na to dekhna phir !!

Unknown said...

a worth reading blog :) an enjoyable one too :)facts brought out in a nice and humorous manner ..........

SHANKY said...

@rashmi- Hey thnx buddy. Just try everytime to keep up to readers expectations and interests.. hehee

Jai Hind!!

trish said...

lol...wel my dad had a similar xperience wen he was in US.dey believe india is a country full of snakes.Once an Australian frnd of my
dad landed at home n he was amazed to
c my barbie doll he thought barbie was a brand 2 big for india.
guess wot i gifted him a "barbie in saree" ,desi version u c,for his daughter :)

fab writing..keep it up...probably d best of all ur blogs

SHANKY said...

@trish- thanks sweethreat. Well the nest post will be "The Indian Hindustan"...hope I live up to ma reader's expectations.
M really glad that you recognized it as ma best post...thnx again..luv u darling!!

Unknown said...

It is too good. Evey one should take care about our country .practically some people care but most people care himself only.they knows , me & my family is happy then INDIA is happy.
dsl srivastava

SHANKY said...

heyyyyyy thank youuuuuuu papaaaaaaaaa.. I am tooooooo happy to see your commentttttt!!
Love you papa :D