Sunday, July 06, 2008

Feelin d MELODY f ma NEW JOURNEY....

I look in the mirror
I look into my eyes
trapped behind the mascara
all i find are lies

As I watch my eyes get misty
as a single tear forms
I know you never loved me
the tear falls down my cheek

It was so very plain
yet I could not see
I was loving in vain
and now I feel so stupid

I cry
and I feel all this pain
and I wonder why
I let this slide too many times

i turn on the shower
the steam hides my tears
I feel I have no power
over how i feel

I wash my face
wash the tears away
I try to rinse away
the feeling of her skin on mine

I climb out
I turn off the water
I breath out
I stand there dripping

I look in the cloudy mirror
I look into my eyes
the pains still there
as well as all the lies

I climb into my bed
Feeling so dumb
thoughts of her fill my head
I feel so violated

I know i'll get over it
cause i feel a little better everyday
I know i'll get over it
Cause shes not worth it!!!!


Unknown said...

hmm...pata kya...
...the poem sounds amazing...
i feel like reading it again n again...n on n on....its reallyy gud....:)...
keep writting...:)...alwayz...

SHANKY said...

thx buddy.....hope to show up sumthin better next tym...thnx again!!!!