Sunday, March 30, 2008

kuch baatein unkahee..

Scenario during 2004-2005::
#LOVE IS ALL ABOUT MAINTAINING SILENCE#..dont u all agree wid dis??? Love is the most powerful energy box.....during ma initial days..25 hrs a day i kept thinking of ******,studies bcame a thing of least importance.... my persona was sinking coz love wa sproutin in dis DIL!!
nites were alwayz flooded with tears n emotions were unstopable,i was a very good student but i was loosing,still no signal frm d other side..this was even more pathetic....expectations were punching ma back...n i gave UP as i was already so DOWN, n finally i recovered this trauma.................lekin yaaron abhi ka scenario kuch aur keep visiting to get ma love updates.....


Varun said...

lagta hai birthday ke din kuch accha gift mila usse... tabhi birthday ke din "scenario" change ho gaya!!! [;)]

Varun said...
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